Science Journal Tools and Tools for Science and Engineering is here

A new toolkit of science tools is available through the Canadian Science Foundation’s new Science Journal website.

The foundation announced Thursday that the journal will have a new section on the sciences and engineering tools it offers, alongside a list of science journals to subscribe to.

“In the last few years, the scope of the scientific literature has grown exponentially and so have the opportunities for scientists to share their work,” said Sarah Klimchuk, a science journalist at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and a co-founder of the foundation.

“This new tool is designed to help scientists and researchers share their discoveries and insights, as well as to help them to share new discoveries and tools in their research,” she added.

The new section, Science Journal, has a list and links to more than 80 journals.

The journal is open to the public and will be available for download from the foundation’s website.

“Our goal is to build on the rich knowledge that is already available online, to make sure that science and engineering are accessible to everyone,” said Klimch.

The Science Journal Toolkit, which is part of the Science Journal initiative, offers links to many scientific journals, from scientific journals like Nature to journals like Science.

The organization’s new website also includes a list to subscribe and a list that includes links to other science journals.

For example, the website lists the Canadian Journal of Applied Physics, the Canadian Physical Society, and the Journal of Biological Chemistry, among others.

It is available for free download through the foundation website, but the new section will be free for all subscribers to the ScienceJournal toolkit.

The new section is available from the portal, as will a list with links to the other sections of the website.

Klimchuk said the foundation is working on other tools for science, including a new tool called the Science Tools and Technology Toolkit.

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