Which science project are you really interested in?

A recent poll on Israel’s social network revealed that one in five Israeli citizens are interested in science, and more than half of those are scientists.

But that doesn’t mean you have to be one to pursue a degree in science.

The question was posed by Israeli users in an effort to gauge the popularity of various types of science projects in Israel.

In the survey, the results revealed that a majority of Israeli citizens (57%) are interested to pursue research in the fields of genetics, biology, chemistry, physics, and even astronomy.

But more than two thirds (65%) of the respondents are not interested in a research project.

In order to find out which of these science projects is the most popular, the researchers posed the question on social media.

According to the results, 56% of respondents were interested in the following research projects:Genetics, Genetics in Israel, Genetics of Animals, Genetics from Animals, Biology from Animals.

But the number of people who are not in any of these categories was significantly higher than those who were.

For instance, among the population of people in Israel who are interested only in genetics, a whopping 70% were not interested.

Of those who are in the field of genetics of animals, 57% were interested.

But the number was significantly lower than those interested in other fields.

On the other hand, a substantial majority of those who had studied genetics of plants were interested, with 71% of them interested in genetics of plant genes.

Interestingly, a significant majority of the participants (62%) were not in the category of researchers interested in studying plants or plants of other kinds.

And there was no difference in the interest of participants in the biological and plant sciences.

The poll results show that the interest in studying various fields is high among the Israeli population.

The results also showed that some Israeli citizens were interested only to pursue one type of research in genetics.

A total of 49% of those surveyed were interested solely in genetics (compared to 41% of people outside of Israel).

But the same proportion of respondents who were interested also had a higher interest in other types of research, such as:Geology, Biology of animals and plants, Biology and medicine, and microbiology.

Another interesting fact about the survey was that over half (55%) of respondents did not want to go into genetics of animal species.

However, most of those were in the latter category (59%).

The poll also revealed that the majority of people were not particularly interested in working on projects related to the environment.

About 63% of the survey respondents were not willing to participate in projects that were not related to environment.

And only a small number of respondents (4%) were open to participating in projects related with the environment, such an as climate change research, as part of a research program.

A similar survey conducted in 2016 by Tel Aviv University and the National Academy of Sciences found that only 35% of Israeli people were interested to study the effects of different types of pollutants on the environment and their impact on humans.

According the results of the Tel Aviv study, 62% of Israelis were not keen on participating in such projects.

A poll conducted in Israel in November 2018 showed that 51% of all Israeli citizens believe that climate change is a global issue.

But most of them were not open to the idea of studying the effects on the atmosphere.

In fact, only 21% of citizens were open for the idea.

According a poll conducted by the University of Jerusalem, 72% of Israel’s citizens are open to studying climate change, and 77% of that number believe that it is a major threat to the country.More:

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