How to learn more about climate change—and what to do about it

Scientists have long known that human activity is having an impact on the planet’s climate.

The problem is, we don’t really know what’s causing it.

A new study, published in the journal Science, found that scientists aren’t sure exactly what’s driving climate change.

“We have very little insight into the causes and mechanisms of climate change, and how these effects are interacting,” said Dr. Michael Mann, a climate scientist at Penn State and a co-author of the study.

“I believe we need to do better in terms of what we’re trying to measure in order to understand how climate change is affecting our environment.”

The new paper looks at a set of 10 climate models, which are known as GCMs.

One of the GCMs used in the study, known as CMIP5, has been used to calculate climate change and has been the most accurate in assessing the extent of warming over the past century.

In the study’s first paper, Mann and his colleagues looked at the changes in the model’s output in the past 15 years.

In their analysis, the models showed an increase in the amount of heat being emitted into the atmosphere.

The change in warming was especially pronounced in the tropics, where the most warming was recorded in the 20th century.

This, Mann said, indicates that the troposphere has warmed significantly in recent years, which is important because it’s where much of the heat from global warming is being absorbed into the climate system.

But Mann said there is a lot more uncertainty in the models’ results than they initially showed.

“This means we have to take a very careful look at the models,” he said.

The researchers found that the warming trends were more pronounced in areas with high levels of greenhouse gases, which include the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere.

These areas were also where a lot of the warming was already occurring in the last century, before the emissions reductions were taken into account.

These regions are also areas where we haven’t seen a significant increase in surface temperature in the previous century.

The team then looked at where the change in the temperature of the atmosphere was most pronounced.

In areas with a lot greenhouse gases and the highest levels of CO2 in the atmosphere, there was a large amount of warming.

This indicates that warming is happening in the upper atmosphere and this area of the world is warming faster than the rest of the planet.

This means that there’s an increased warming in the surface atmosphere, which means that it’s going to be more damaging for our climate.

However, the warming in these areas was still more than twice as large as the warming over areas with low levels of carbon dioxide in the air.

“These results show that climate change has already started and the response of climate systems to this increase in greenhouse gas concentrations is already well underway,” said Mann.

The paper suggests that it may be important to measure how the atmosphere responds to warming more accurately.

“In the short term, it is possible to identify areas with more warming in areas that are more heavily affected by climate change,” Mann said.

“However, for a long-term assessment, the answer is probably to do more extensive climate modeling.”

The paper will be published on December 18, and it’s the latest in a series of papers looking at climate change using climate models.

Mann previously published his research on this issue in 2014.

He said the results from his paper indicate that scientists have been underestimating the extent to which CO2 emissions have affected the planet for the past few decades.

“It’s hard to make the case that we should worry about the emissions in the near future,” he told Vice News.

“But the way I see it, it seems that in the long term we have a reasonable basis to think about climate sensitivity.”

He added that the research is important not only for the long-run future of the climate, but also for the way we are able to monitor our carbon emissions.

“If you want to understand the future, you need to know how much warming you have, and that’s really what this paper is all about,” Mann added.

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