The science behind climate change, why it matters, and why you should care

Science has always been a key part of our lives, but now it’s changing.

The climate science community has become increasingly complex, and the debate over whether the climate is changing is more intense than ever.

Here’s what you need to know about the science of climate change.

1 / 6 Climate change is happening now, not in the distant future: As the planet warms, extreme weather events and other natural disasters are becoming more frequent and frequent.

This has led to concern over what will happen when things become too much.

Scientists and politicians have been talking about what will occur when the climate becomes too much, or too little, and how it will affect the world.

The best we can do at the moment is forecast, and what we know about what happens in the future can help us make our best plans.

Scientists predict that a doubling of CO2 in the atmosphere will have a major effect on the amount of rainfall in the United States, and could mean more floods and droughts.

But these changes could happen in a matter of decades or centuries, so we need to plan for them now.

We also need to understand the changes in how we generate electricity, and we need data to understand what those changes are.

This is especially important because climate change will affect water and soil as well as crops and animals.

The IPCC says that climate change could cause significant impacts on water quality in many parts of the world, particularly in areas with high population density.

In the coming decades, climate change is likely to cause more extreme and more frequent droughting in some parts of South America, Central America and the Caribbean, and more widespread and longer droughtroughts in some other parts of Asia.

This means that more extreme droughty conditions are likely to occur.

Some of the impacts could also affect food production, which is a critical resource.

2 / 6 The Arctic ice cap has shrunk by more than half in the past century.

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons / Chris S. Pinto (CC BY 2.0) The Arctic is one of the most important areas of climate variability because it lies between the poles and the equator, making it extremely sensitive to changes in the climate.

As temperatures rise, the ice caps and glaciers in the Arctic are melting, making them more susceptible to the effects of climate warming.

But because of their ice-free conditions, they also offer a great deal of food for wildlife.

This includes polar bears and other animals that depend on the Arctic for food.

In recent years, the Arctic has been shrinking, which has had profound effects on ecosystems and wildlife.

The loss of Arctic ice is due to several factors.

First, the rate of ice melting has been steadily increasing for the past decade, so the ice cap is shrinking faster than the sea ice.

Second, a warming climate is driving more of the water and greenhouse gases in the planet’s atmosphere into the Arctic.

And third, melting ice also means more of it is floating in the ocean, which also means the Arctic sea ice is melting.

The Arctic sea level has increased by around one metre per year since the 1950s.

The ice has been melting at an average rate of 0.3 metres per year, but since 2007 it has increased at a rate of 2.8 metres per day.

This increased rate of melting has led some researchers to speculate that the melting of the Arctic ice could cause a sea level rise of several metres in some areas of the planet.

3 / 6 Some species of fish are already dying as a result of climate impacts.

Image source: Climate Central / Alastair Begg (CC by 2.5) Fish species have always been able to adapt to changing conditions, and climate change means we have to be aware of the impact that changing conditions can have on them.

The consequences of climate disruption and change are already starting to be felt, and there are some species that are already losing their ability to thrive because of the effects.

For example, a large part of the salmon fishery in the Pacific Northwest is currently threatened because of ocean acidification, which increases the acidity of the ocean water.

Some fish species that rely on ocean food webs are also losing their capacity to survive, due to the loss of some of their food sources.

These changes in marine ecosystems will affect us all.

4 / 6 In recent decades, sea levels have risen by around 30 metres.

Image Credit: Wikimedia / David J. Scott (CC 2.

0) As sea levels rise, we will need to make changes to coastal infrastructure to adapt.

For instance, the expansion of cities and highways has been a major contributor to the increase in sea levels.

We have to work to prepare for these changes, but the main thing is to manage them so that we can protect our coasts from the impacts of sea level rises.

For more information on the sea level, see our map of the sea levels and our sea level chart.

5 / 6 This summer, an unprecedented heat

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