An Overview of the Constrained Electric Field Theory

An overview of the constrained electric field theory (CEDF) of electric field.

This article covers the basic theory of electric fields in physics, but does not cover the application of this theory to electric devices or materials.

The purpose of this article is to introduce the concept of the electric field, and its properties, so that the application to electronics, materials, and the environment can be developed more effectively.

This book is not intended to be an exhaustive description of the theoretical physics of the CEDF, but it is intended to introduce a number of concepts that have already been extensively studied in the context of electrical engineering and computer science.

This text is not the first, nor will it be the last, of its kind, but this book should provide an introduction to the CEdF and to electrical engineering concepts and techniques.

This edition includes additional references and appendices, including the first published version of the theory by E. E. López de la Torre in 1973, and subsequent versions by Lózaro Bocchi, R. Eusebio, and R. M. D’Alonso.

This new edition of the Theory of Electricity by the American Physical Society has been updated to include the updated text of E. C. White’s Theory of the Electric Fields by the International Society for Applied Physics (ISOAP) in 2015.

A glossary of terms has been added to the text to facilitate reference by students and researchers.

A list of links to supplementary materials is also provided in Appendix B. The Theory of Electric Fields, by E E Lóza, is available from

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