‘Exact sciences’ laboratories can test for life-threatening infectious diseases

The exact science laboratories that can test the effects of COVID-19 on humans and animals are still in the early stages of development.

But the technology is there, and it is being used in several clinical trials in Europe, Australia and the US.

There are a few challenges to these tests.

The only test that has been successfully developed so far is one that tests for COVID infection in the bloodstream.

The European Union’s Joint Research Centre for the Environment and Health at the University of Liège, and the Australian National University, have both created COVID tests that measure levels of the bacterium in the blood and respiratory tract.

The first test was developed by researchers at the universities of Liége, Lièges University of Technology and the University’s Institute of Molecular Biology.

But they are also conducting a trial of their own, and hope to be able to conduct more tests in the next few months.

The COVID test is not only able to measure COVID levels in the human body, it also uses the same tests as the blood test.

“The main limitation is that the testing of COVRD is not as precise as for blood tests,” says Dr David Osterlund, the senior scientist at Liès University of Science and Technology, and lead author of the European study.

“We are able to perform an accurate analysis on the blood, but it is still only a small part of the overall risk assessment.”

There is also a lot of uncertainty around what the blood tests will detect.

It is unclear if they will test for viral infections, bacterial infections, or some other type of infection.

There is no guarantee that the results will be representative of the population, Dr Osterlander says.

However, there is hope for the future.

“It is very exciting that we are able [to] take the first steps towards developing tests that can be used in the clinical setting, where people can have access to accurate information about COVID and how it is affecting them,” he says.

Dr Osterlanders team is currently working on an early stage of development that will help to determine the sensitivity and specificity of the tests.

This means that they will be able assess the COVID virus’s effect on a small number of people at a time, rather than a large population.

“As the tests become more precise and we know how much it is spreading, we can be more accurate,” Dr Oesterlund says.

“This is the next stage.”

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