How to solve the mystery of the dead, and a new way to keep the dead alive

It was a time when it was thought that the dead would be left to rot in a cemetery for eternity.

But a new study by a team of researchers at Cornell University suggests that a simple way to remove the dead could be a boon to the preservation of human life.

The researchers say their new work could help preserve human bodies in a way that would be more sustainable than burial by traditional methods.

The researchers at the University of Arizona have come up with a new method to make it easier to remove bodies from their graves by using a “supercooled” process called “respiration cooling” and a “cooling process.”

They call it the “respiratory cooling” process.

“We’ve been trying to develop a method that is more efficient than burial but also more sustainable,” said Robert Fisk, a graduate student in the UA School of Medicine’s Department of Biological Engineering.

“This is a new approach that we’ve come up and applied to a real-world example of a natural burial.”

The researchers believe that this method would have far-reaching applications.

They suggest that the cooling process would be especially useful in places where the burial is very limited, like hospitals and nursing homes.

There is also evidence that a cooler body is better than a cool corpse.

For example, a study in The Journal of Bone and Mineral Research in 2016 found that when patients were buried in a coffin, they had a lower mortality rate than when they were buried on their own.

Scientists have also found that cooling can help reduce bacterial and fungal infections, as well as reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease.

If these new findings are confirmed, Fisk said he believes it could also be used to create an even more sustainable way to make sure that human remains don’t get buried.

“In some cases, if a body is not properly preserved, we think it’s important to have it buried in some way or another, and we want to make that happen as soon as possible,” he said.

Fisk and his colleagues have been using the cooling method to remove human remains from their coffins and cemeteries.

Since 2010, Fisks and his team have conducted over 1,200 experiments using the respiratory cooling method.

He said the cooling procedure has been shown to be effective at removing the dead from their beds.

After performing the experiments, Figs. 1 through 4 show that the researchers have successfully removed the bodies of several patients.

While the cooling has been successful, the scientists have found that it is not perfect.

In a study published last month, Fias showed that the temperature of the cooling fluid can be affected by a number of factors.

It can cause the water to evaporate, creating a mist that can cause damage to the human body.

This can lead to infections, and it can also lead to changes in the human microbiome, which can increase the chance of developing infections.

As the cooling liquid dries out, it becomes less effective at dissolving the body.

So it takes longer for the body to cool down.

Finally, it can cause some of the water in the cooling system to leak out of the body, creating the condition called “foggy-bedding.”

The research team believes that this can happen even though the cooling is being done.

These problems can also be overcome by simply leaving the bodies in the cooler and allowing the bodies to cool naturally.

A final problem with the cooling, however, is that some of it can leak out.

Instead of keeping the body in the freezer, the researchers suggest that a person could instead store the body on a shelf or shelf in a cooler.

At the end of the day, the cooling effect will last as long as the body is in the coolant.

And that means the cooling can be done even when a body has a large number of infections. 

Researchers hope to find a way to store the bodies without leaving them in the body for too long.

But as the cooling gets colder, the water will become more effective at keeping the bodies from overheating. 

“We don’t want to freeze the body too much,” Fisk told ABC News.

“It might be too late to get the body out of a freezer.

So we think we can put it in a coolant-free environment.”

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