Which computer science courses are taught in K-12 schools?

Science for kindergarten is one of the top five computer science topics in Ireland and its been a central part of schools curricula for decades.

The National School of Computer Science in Dublin is teaching it at a rate of around 30 per cent of the entire primary school curriculum, with the primary level of students attending courses in the top two science subjects.

Its a significant addition to the teaching of Computer-Aided Design and Engineering and its not just about computers, it’s also about thinking, learning and communicating.

However, there is no national curriculum for Computer Science.

It’s a national subject for many schools, but not for most students.

In 2017 the Computer Science Association of Ireland published a report which highlighted the importance of Computer Systems Engineering (CSE) and Computer Science for students to be successful in the Irish workforce.CSE is the only subject in Computer Science taught in Ireland.

There are a variety of pathways for students including apprenticeships, continuing education and some courses may not be taught.

The report recommended that all schools in Ireland should be required to teach Computer Science at the primary and secondary levels.

The report also recommended that a minimum of 50 per cent or more of all pupils should be taught Computer Science as part of their programme.

The Government is in the process of finalising a national curriculum.

It will be announced in March.

The Irish Council for Science Education said that, “Computer Science in Ireland is still a challenging subject with a high level of importance in education and employment.

However, it is a subject that can be taught at the appropriate level and for students from any age and level.”

What do you think about Computer Science?

Leave a comment below and let us know.

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