The first Canadian to work at a lab for the United States is a science writer

By Karen GartlandThe Globe and MailMay 30, 2017 12:00:12When Karen Gaudreau was 15, she took a test in a classroom at her local library that required her to pick out a “spirit” or “science” book and read a sentence aloud.It was the equivalent of asking a grade schooler to name a particular colour.“I was like, […]

How to make science look like a diet

Science for children can be a source of inspiration, but the science behind it is often just as important as the science itself.In fact, science education in general is often so lacking that it’s hard to imagine that anything is more important than the science.But it turns out there’s a simple way to make the […]

Is ‘science’ too broad? The answer might surprise you

By Jennifer De PintoThe Huffington Post”Science” is too broad, according to a new poll by the Carnegie Institution for Science.The survey found that more than half of Americans, and 70 percent of scientists, don’t know the difference between “science” and “mathematics.”And even among those who do know, only 30 percent think that science and mathematics […]

Which science project are you really interested in?

A recent poll on Israel’s social network revealed that one in five Israeli citizens are interested in science, and more than half of those are scientists.But that doesn’t mean you have to be one to pursue a degree in science.The question was posed by Israeli users in an effort to gauge the popularity of various […]

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