When Google’s moonshot succeeds: the company’s moonshots are spectacularly successful

It’s hard to find a company that is as passionate about moonshots as Google.The search giant has developed technologies that could revolutionise everything from mapping the world’s oceans to driving autonomous vehicles, and it’s been the first to make its first successful breakthrough in artificial intelligence.But its moonshot moonshot has been a bit of a […]

How to watch the scientific watchlist that’s been used to monitor religious activity in the US

This story is about the science beakers that have been placed at public places in the U.S. to monitor for religious activity.But the watchlist isn’t always accurate.What are the most important things to know about the scientific monitoring tool?Read more at the Washington Post, which also reported on the new watchlist, is about monitoring religious […]

How to apply to political science degrees

Computer science and math degrees are on the rise.And, as of May, the U.S. has the nation’s largest number of computer science and mathematics majors.The new report, “The Future of Computer Science and Math in America,” by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, estimates that by 2021, the number of students who pursue computer […]

How to use science to make your life easier

Posted March 11, 2018 08:17:53Science and philosophy of science have both a lot in common.But as science careers and careers in psychology, physical science and psychology have shown us, they can be quite different.In this article, we’ll examine the differences between these fields.Philosophy and science careersPhilosophers, like physical scientists, have a wide range of interests […]

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