Which schools have the best sports science programmes?

A survey of the latest academic research has found that the schools with the most advanced sports science are the most likely to produce players in the best position to make the grade.The report, which was presented by Sport Europe at the European University Games, finds that schools that are offering courses in sports science […]

How Bloomberg’s Aegis Science Center Will Shape the Future of Life

Bloomberg is the largest and most powerful corporate sponsor of major scientific research, and it is doing so not only through the world’s leading medical research institutions, but also through research funded by other large, publicly traded companies.Aegescience, the nation’s largest medical research corporation, is an outgrowth of the company, which was founded in the […]

Gilead Sciences publishes the science book that’s changing how we live

The Gileads Science Book, a memoir written by the first woman in a major research group, has been published by Penguin.The book is written by Dr. Karen J. Gileady, a professor of medicine at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, and features essays by other women scientists, including science writer Jennifer Strain, professor […]

The science of ‘thinking ahead’ and ‘thinking differently’

A new article from Business Insider looks at the science of thinking ahead and thinking differently.The article explores the science behind “thinking differently,” which is the term used to describe how to think about your ideas, your future, and your life.It also looks at how thinking differently may help you achieve more of your goals.The […]

How to set your own SysV server on Ubuntu 16.04

Linux servers have always been about the security aspects.It’s a very different beast to run a Windows server.There are a lot of layers of security, and not all of those layers are well understood.As a result, the Linux community has been working hard to create security standards for the Linux-based operating system.There’s a whole community […]

Christian Science Monitor: Science in spaniard: Trump administration’s scientific agenda

President Donald Trump is pushing to create a national science institute, and that means bringing in a new group of science experts from abroad.The White House has proposed funding $40 million for the Institute of Science and Engineering in the Arts, which would be housed in the National Science Foundation, or NSF, and run under […]

How do you identify a college degree?

When I’m applying for college, I want to see if I’m getting a college education or a vocational college degree.I want the skills I’ll need to be successful in the workforce.I also want to know if my future career is at a career-based college or university.A bachelor of science degree is a combination of a […]

An Overview of the Constrained Electric Field Theory

An overview of the constrained electric field theory (CEDF) of electric field.This article covers the basic theory of electric fields in physics, but does not cover the application of this theory to electric devices or materials.The purpose of this article is to introduce the concept of the electric field, and its properties, so that the […]

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