When you eat more fruit and vegetables: Science vs. popular science definition

Science is often used to explain things that aren’t scientific, and popular science is often the source of the misinformation.So let’s take a look at how to tell the difference.Science Diet: What is a science diet?A science diet is a specific set of eating habits that are prescribed by a health care professional for a […]

How a ‘supercharged’ brain works in the brains of humans

A powerful new study has found that the brain of humans can be transformed by a combination of drugs and diet.It has been described as the first study to show how brain-boosting drugs like lithium and serotonin can transform a normal human brain to one that can be used to create a cognitive superpower.Lead researcher […]

When are the next sports-related food and drink restrictions lifted?

In the past few weeks, the Food and Drug Administration has announced that it will allow manufacturers to introduce more flavors of the popular “sports drinks” in the coming years.This has led some sports fans to think that they can get more sports drinks with their sports teams by eating more foods from their teams.But […]

Scientists have identified the ‘hidden’ ingredient that is fuelling the food industry’s rise

Science News source ESPNCricInfo title Science Diet: What you need to know about science and science diet article Science Diet article Science diet article science diet science diet definition science diet study science diet health science diet nutrition science diet scientific diet science definition study science nutrition study study science Diet science Diet nutrition study […]

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